Crime Avoidance seminar (for larger audiences)

Want to know how to spot criminals before you become a victim?

Want to know what it takes to be left alone by criminals?

The Crime Avoidance seminar shows you avoidance strategies, without getting you sweaty and dirty.


Core topics include:

  • Criminal assault paradigm
  • What violent criminals look for when choosing a victim
  • 5 stages of violent crime (how crimes develop and are carried out)
  • How to identify violent criminals before the crime even happens
  • Disengaging from a criminal
  • What is situational awareness, and how do you develop it?
  • Legal considerations of self defense

The material presented is easily applied and very practical. Due to the restrictions of a large audience this class is largely information based with minimal hands-on work.


Duration:    2,5 – 3,5 hours



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