Japanese stats proving me right. OR – How to avoid being molested in Japan

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So it turns out that groping women on trains is a thing in Japan.

Who knew? Besides the women getting groped that is.

And some enterprising soul has put together an illustrated guide about how to dress to avoid being targeted by these Chikan (local word for the guys doing the molesting).

Of course, Japanese feminists wanted to be up in arms, angry at being told not to show cleavage (we won’t look at the social dynamics behind why blue-haired cat-ladies are so obsessed with being able to try get men’s attention with their bodies, only to then yell at the men to not look at their bodies[1]).

But here’s the thing – the illustrated guide shows the opposite. Apparently based on statistical correlation[2], the guide shows that conservatively dressed women (and young girls in general) are being targeted fr unwanted feeling-up. And that women who are dressed on the confident – slut spectrum are not.

Key quote:

Those most at risk from “chikan,” the notes below the image tell us, are school students in uniform, and meek-looking women in demure clothing. Women who wear loud clothing, or who look tall or powerful, are less likely to be attacked.

Gee, where have we heard this before? Wait, I know! Here.

Dressing to avoid sex-crimes

The long and short of it is that dressing slutty gets you targeted by men who are more bold and charismatic. Dressing all 40-year-old-soccer-mom-ish gets you targeted my men who are less bold and more afraid of being caught (the more mousey types). (If you want to know why this is – go read the article)

And yes, this is in general. But “in general” works most of the time, which is usually good enough.

So basically, no matter what, you can be targeted. Which is why I harp on safety so much. And how I keep saying there isn’t any.

The fact that it’s the conservatively dressed, the quiet, and the very young that are being targeted on Japanese trains tells us what sort of criminals these are. (Hint: it’s not the loud, brash, arrogant type).

And once more, we shan’t get into the social dynamics of why Japanese train-travelling-molesters tend to be the introverted sort afraid of getting report to the police.[3]


The closer you are to the defenseless girl in school uniform, the more danger you are in from Chikan.[4]

Parting warning

If you’re in Japan, by all means go crazy and dress, ahem, confidently. In the rest of the world don’t forget about the other cultures. The ones where trying to grab a woman’s crotch as you walk past is considered to be trying to open flirtations. Or the ones where “corrective rape” is considered a way of making a woman behave/dress appropriately.

Basically, no matter where you are, the way you dress will attract a predator. The only say you get is what type of predator you’re likely to attract.

[1] – If you do want to know why, drop me an e-mail and I’ll send you to the right (smart) people

[2] – No Greenpeace/CNNBCBS-viewers/midwits in general, correlation is not causation

[3] – Or how this sociosexual dynamic ties into the NOWAG phenomenon (No-One With Asian Guys). Or, indeed, how this ties into blue-haired cat-ladies shrieking about rape culture in nice middle class suburbs, far away from war-rape in Africa and the Middle East.

[4] – In the spirit of “the predators go where the prey is”, how many men take the train just to find prey? (Or in a Western analogy, how many school crossing guards are there for the prey?)

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