Knife attacks in South Africa – Case studies

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Much of South Africa has knife cultures. So it’s worthwhile knowing how those cultures typically use those knives. Here’s a quick look at a couple examples so we can look for patterns.



[Partial aside: It’s very quick, and right at the beginning, but did you catch the foot going backwards (to load his bodyweight for a quick lunge forward)?]

Reverse grip. Overhead strikes. Going for power. Big movements in and out.

Yes, this one is one of those rare/non-existent duels, but … knife culture.



First off – in a road rage incident, where you’ve followed the taxi, pulled in front of it so it has to stop, then you got out your car first to give the guy shit … let’s just say that it’s hard to argue self defense if you shoot the guy before he stabs you (Preclusion will bite you on the arse for this).

Again, what do we see? Reverse grip, a big overhead movement. Downward stab (possibly hoping for the subclavian).

So far both of these videos have been social violence (hence the big arm-swinging movements make sense). Let’s try an asocial one next.



Ah, something new. Machete’s get held in forward grip (which makes sense – ever try use one in reverse grip?).

Dude with a knife? Same story – reverse grip, fairly large arm movement to begin with. Although followup stabs used smaller movements in this example. Not sure if this is because it’s asocial violence (wanting to be more efficient), or because he was hesitant, or because the range was closer and he didn’t have to bridge a large distance.

Quick aside: Was it morally wrong for the guy running away to leave his friend there? First off,, if you’ve got a family, fine ditch the friend go take care of them. Secondly, if someone can escape and go call for backup (cops, security) then it makes the robbers feel they have less time and thus they’re less likely to rape and torture everybody. Thirdly, could he have done anything to help his friend? But fourth … the dude did just run the fuck away and leave his friend to get stabbed. Which sucks.

Learn what you can from your enemy. Just don’t count 100 % on them staying predicable. Because Murphy’s Law is always lurking in the background.

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