Dealing with potential criminals – a refresher

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How do you deal with someone trying to get close to you? Someone who might be a criminal, but you can’t tell … yet. Waiting until they pull a weapon is a shitty plan. Here are some other options.

Southnarc puts out good stuff. This one is his “Managing Unknown Contacts” (his way of saying “some stranger trying to walk up to you”). It’s his guide to handling potential criminals.

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I’ve come to realize in the citizen self defense world are more often than not, merely paid lip service to. Most training focuses on technical development of motor skills whether that’s shooting, blade work, or empty hand skills. So what we’re going to focus on in this tutorial are tactics, particularly pre-engagement tactics. I teach this block of instruction first in every class I do, regardless of the particulars of the skill-set, and I feel like it’s probably the most important.



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