Gee I bet he wished he had a knife

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Guy is sleeping at home. His daughter’s screaming wakes him up. Rushes through to her bedroom and sees she’s being strangled by a home invader.

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At this point wouldn’t it be great if he had a pistol or a knife on him?

Well unfortunately he didn’t. He fought with the would-be daughter-murderer all the way through to the kitchen, where the Bad Guy(!) grabbed a knife and stabbed the dad.


So, happy endings?

Fortunately for dad & daughter, the invader bolted and everybody lived. In other words, the dad only lived because the BG chose not to kill him. I’m not dragging the guy down – he fought to protect his family. He did his job. But the fact that he is alive was not in his own hands.

“It’s not about dying for your country family. It’s about making the other guy die for his.”

–  General Patton (sort of)


Tumble and turn of fate

But how easily could this have turned out badly?

  • Instead of a few stitches, the BG has better aim and the dad gets stabbed in the throat and dies?
  • Dad runs through to see why his daughter is screaming and it’s not 1 lonesome home invader, it’s 3?
  • Daughter gets ambushed and doesn’t have time to scream?

He did the right thing – he fought for his family, even though he wasn’t physically prepared. But at least he was mentally prepared (enough).

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