Red pill self defense: the dark world does not care about you

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Please don’t read this if you’re in a dark mood already. If you’re feeling all pessimistic and nihilistic, then save this one for a different day. Wait till it’s a beautiful day where life is amazing and you just want to stand on the beach feeling the sand and water swirl between your toes.

But if you’re mentally stable enough, and can control your emotions pretty well, then read on.

I want you to watch the video below. More importantly, I want you to listen to it. Listen to the hysteria in the guy’s voice. Hear his screams. Listen to the primal animal we all are.

This is what is sounds like when a man knows he’s going to die. A man desperate to live, but knowing he’s going to die anyway. Listen again to the way his screams plead for life.

These are the screams of a man realising he has no power. Having a loaded Glock in his hand and the ability to shoot back didn’t even give him power.

These are the hysterical pleadings of a man who wasn’t prepared for what came for him. The fear, the doubts, the confusion. But over all is the fear. The fear because he didn’t know what to do and death came knocking on his door.

These are the screams of primal rage and confusion and frustration because it won’t stop. It won’t slow down and just let you gain your bearings. It’s overwhelming, and it rolls right over you without even blinking.

This is what it’s like to be put on your knees in line with a hundred other villagers, in front of a pit where your body is going to be rolled in a few seconds.

This is what it’s like to watch someone take away your wife, your children, and not be able to stop them, or even try.

It’s what it’s like being this guy:

Watch them both again. Listen to the trooper’s screams for mercy. Watch, listen, and know, deep down in your very soul, that one day you will die. Know that these are the sounds someone makes when they’re in a situation and the truth is made very obvious to them:

They have no power.

They have no ability to stop the momentum that is running them over and crushing them.

Learn this well:

There is no safety.

There is nothing physically, metaphysically, or philosophically stopping the evil of the world coming for you next. Read up on what happened to people in the Bataclan Theatre. Morals haven’t stopped villagers being executed, ever. Clever arguments about the Geneva conventions haven’t saved a single woman from rape. Pleading and begging has never accomplished anything except prolonging the torture providing entertainment for the torturers. The only thing that can save you and yours, is you.

Tell yourself this: Laws are merely pretty lies other people tell themselves to avoid confronting these thoughts.

What will you do if death comes for you dressed as a home invader? If death comes for you dressed as a bullet in the head on the side of the road, lined up in front of the pit already holding your family and friends?

Because you don’t get to choose.

You just get to face what comes for you.

Or turn your face away, squeeze your eyes shut, and hope.


The pretty lies have a purpose…

Let’s now take conscious control of our emotions. Reading the stuff above, watching those videos, hearing those animalistic screams, it can mess with your mind. If you can’t control them, those thoughts will plague and fester and destroy your mind. So this is where control comes in. If you can’t control it you’ll be overwhelmed into inaction. You’ll spend every waking moment (and sometimes in your dreams too) obsessing about the dangers. And then you’ll forget to live while you can. You’ll forget that such things are statistically unlikely. That today’s world means you’ve got a fantastic chance of dying peacefully in your bed, a creaky old man, having lived such a long life that your kids, grand kids, and great-grand kids are all gathered around you thinking “Sheesh, enough now, hurry up and die already. Old fart.”

Those pretty lies we tell ourselves, bullshit like “fate will put us where we need to be” in our lives, they have a purpose. “Wow what a beautiful day” lets us distract ourselves from the truth. The Hollywood movie lets us live our lives. Without these lies and distractions we would wither and waste away our lives, worrying about the shit you just read and saw and heard. We would forget that we need to, that we have to, live meaningful lives.

So take control of your emotions and choose some pretty lies that allow you to sometimes ignore the truth. So that you can ignore some truths while deliberately building yourself a meaningful life.

Ignore, but not forget.


And have hope. Click the link below:

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