Fixing the world? Screw you John Lennon – imagine THIS

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Some people want to make the world a better place. They believe that “if we can just make the scary things go away, the world will be at peace”. You’ll notice that these John Lennon types all tend to be younger people without jobs and bills and responsibilities. They tend to look like they couldn’t punch their way out a paper bag. They look like they’ve deliberately made themselves soft and as un-dangerous as possible.

Student walkouts planned across US to protest gun violence ...

As if them not being dangerous will make the rest of the world safer. As if being soft and useless will make the world less scary for them.

These John Lennon types can keep their rose tinted glasses. They can wait for the world to to become rainbows and unicorns.


I have a better idea. One that might actually make a difference.

Imagine if parents watched this video clip with their kids, every year on the kid’s birthday. Imagine if they made sure that their kids truly understood the message.

You never stop being afraid – you can only make yourself more brave.



It’s simple. But no-one said it was easy. Or that it’s meant to be easy.

Murphy’s Laws of combat: The easy way is always mined.

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