Why do we carry weapons?

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A lot of people carry weapons during their daily lives. And a whole bunch of them take them off and pack them away as soon as they get home. Let’s give you a quote about a recent home invasion:


The man told her that he was going to rape her baby if she was lying.

He then took her baby from her at gunpoint and ordered her into another room. He and another attacker dropped her baby onto the bed and tied her. He told her he was going to show her what he was going to do to the baby. He pulled down the little girl’s pants down and started unbuckling his belt.


Happily, at this point the Bad Guys are interrupted and they run away. So the baby did not get raped. Why? Because of a random interruption. Something the mother and the father had no control over, a pure accident, is the only reason their baby was saved.


Tell me again why you take off your weapons when you get home?


Newspaper article here.


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