It takes a village is bullshit – you’re wrong Hillary Clinton

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“It take a village.” Screw you Hillary Clinton, it takes parents who have their shit together. It takes adults who accept and cherish their responsibilities. It takes serious, no-fucking-about parents.


This was basically the scene outside my window yesterday

Watching the baby geese play while their parents stood guard. The mother helped only when a gosling was truly struggling, otherwise they were free to play. They were watching for predators the entire time. And if something potentially dangerous came close, even a 10 times bigger than them human, they gave it shit and made no bones about happily trying to peck your eyes out.

And you know what else? They didn’t bitch about how much hard work it is. The geese outside my place raise a brood every year, and they never stop and ask a village to help so they can have an easier life. They never seek convenience.

And they also never have a desire for a social life that involves inviting predators into their child’s life. Unlike so many single mothers you helped create with your let’s-pay-people-to-have-a-broken-family policies.

The geese are always on duty because they understand there is no safety.

The geese embrace their shadow selves. They’re geese and they’ll fuck you up if you come near their goslings and they don’t feel any need to apologise about it.

They have goose pride.

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