“The meek shall inherit the Earth” is bullshit – did God lie to us?

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I think the perversion that is modern “Christianity” has caused not only the cultural Marxism bullshit we see today, but also the downfall of Christian men and their families, and by extension, the whole of western civilisation.

Case in point: “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” (Matthew 5:5)

What kind of crap is that? Look around you during the day and you’ll see men (and women) being meek all the time. They’re quiet, they don’t make waves, they keep to themselves, are never confrontational. They spend their lives trying to be like nice guy accountants.

You don’t get much more meek than the modern “Christian” man. And yet he sure hasn’t inherited the Earth. In fact it looks like he’s being driven, out-bred, killed and corrupted off the face of it. So what gives?

Either God lied; or there’s some big plan we haven’t seen yet where all magically turns out right despite requiring zero effort from us morals; or someone’s been screwing us over.

Well, God’s usually a pretty stand-up guy, so we’ll leave that one. And I’ve yet to see (or read about) a case of life magically turning out fantastic when everyone involved sits on their arses all day long watching TV. So I’m guessing that someone’s screwing us over. And I think I know who.

Enter Jordan Peterson to help us dig deeper into this.


So to summarise, the bible translators screwed us over.

“Meek” was the word chosen, but what was meant was “people who are determined to keep their swords sheathed shall inherit the Earth.” And that is a whole other thing entirely.

To be a gentleman, you first have to be a man

Like I argued in “Being a gentlemen is bullshit – the other side of the coin”, everybody sees the word “gentle”, but they fail to realise that the prerequisite for being a gentleman is being a man – a person eager to kill for his food, happy to kill to protect his family. When this base, barbaric man manages to restrain himself and learn when, and when not, to let go of the reins, only then does he earn the title of “gentleman”. First he has to earn the title of “man”.

When we think of “meek” as basically meaning “be a cowardly, harmless little rabbit”, we cannot think the same about someone determined to keep their swords sheathed.

Some people may try to focus on the fact that the sword stays in the sheath, but that’s missing the forest for the trees. The prerequisite of being determined to keep your sword sheathed is having a sword, carrying it every day, and being a determined, disciplined person. Meaning that when he sees something worth fighting for he automatically has a strong desire to go fight for it. And it doesn’t mean the sword actually stays in the sheath, just that the swordsman hopes the situation allows him to keep it there.

Or put another way –

  • the people who are dedicated and carry their swords every day;
  • but have the discipline and determination to preferably find another way to resolve things without using the sword;
  • despite wanting to use the sword when they see evil in the world;
  • these people who are wise enough to also know that sometimes the sword is the only way

 – they shall inherit the Earth.

This guy’s more like it.

I think “restrained” would have been a better word. The restrained shall inherit the Earth. But in order to be restrained you first have to be restraining yourself from something. And restraint takes discipline.


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