Why Antifa can suck it

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Here’s the thing about angry people, they’re functionally stupid.


There are 3 layers/zones/areas of the brain:

  • Human brain – higher order functions (logic, self-control, basically all your executive functions etc.)
  • Monkey brain – emotions (no explanation needed)
  • Lizard brain – instincts, sub-conscious processes (breathing, desire, hunger)


In highly simplified terms, these 3 “brains” developed in order of priority. The lizard brain developed first (because it’s what keeps you alive). Then once we got good at getting food, our lizard brain relaxed and allowed us to develop our emotional brain (because emotions let us form relationships – breeding, hunting as packs etc.). Our human brain developed last of all, because problem solving isn’t as important as running away from the lion really fast, or as important as avoiding a pissed off wife’s axe.

The lower the layer, the more priority it gets.

What this means is that a lower layer can hijack a higher layer. This is a survival mechanism (see problem solving comment above). So when someone gets emotional, then it can be physically impossible for them to use their human brain and exercise logic.

This is why the idiot teenage girl who’s convinced herself she’s in love, doesn’t see the danger signs the charming cad she’s “fallen for” keeps giving off.

This is why pissed off Antifa morons can’t be reasoned with – they’re pissed off. Access to logic and self-control only become available after the anger dies down. This makes them functionally equivalent to morons.


Here’s the other thing about angry people

Anger is addictive. So a pissed off person (lifestyle pissed off, as opposed to a person who happens to beĀ currently pissed off) will find excuses to stay pissed off.

So if Antifa/BLM/Black First etc. are angry with you, there’s no point in changing your behaviour – they’ll just find another reason to be pissed off. Maybe they’ll say your apology wasn’t sincere. Or your smile as you walked by was actually a smirk. It doesn’t matter, they’ll find something.

So all the people who tip-toe around these people might be wasting their time, they’ll still hate you anyway.

So should I change the way I live my life to try appease these people? No, it’ll make no difference. Therefore, Antifa can suck it.


The exception

The exception is if you are confronted, and it is likely to turn violent. Then while you can’t make them less angry by apologising or grovelling, your actions can make themĀ more angry.

So if you are in a confrontation, realise that you can’t make it better (for them – you can make it better for you by leaving), but you can make it worse. So decide if you want the violence to happen or not. If you do want it (probably not legal there Bob), then make it happen on your terms (read Sun Tzu, Musashi, Poole etc.).

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