Make sure you don’t have these security features in your home

Burglar breaking into a house window with a crowbar
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These burglar bars are popular for 1 reason. They are stylish. Unfortunately that stylishness can drop you in trouble pretty darn fast because there’s one thing these burglar bars aren’t – safe.


Nobody particularly likes the look of steel burglar bars. They’re normally painted a rust-resistant black, and the look of them clashes with just about everything in your home. But as long as they’re put in correctly, they do a pretty good job.

These polycarbonate burglar bars are the opposite. They go with your décor, and even if you put them in correctly, they are not very effective.


Aren’t I being unfair?

In the words of Scott Adams, “Fair” was invented so children and idiots can take part in debates.

Oh sure, these burglar bars are pretty great if you only do impact tests, like they do in this promotional video:


Or if you take the “Selective testing” to another level and also do cut tests:


But if you are the slightest bit creative, or you share your Sneaky Bad Guy Knowledge (SBGK) with other Sneaky Bad Guys (SBGs), then you know a lighter or a candle can defeat these not-so-cheap security measures. Watch how easy (and silent) it is to get past these things:


Remember the 4 x D’s of Home Safety? Remember the Detection part? Well a safety feature that allows a Bad Guy to get into your home without making a noise is a very bad thing.

What’s even worse is if you put these bars on your windows, and then drop your guard because you think you’re safe. It’s the Home Safety equivalent of telling your child Stranger Danger – makes you feel warm and fuzzy and safe, and actually puts your family at more risk.


Take control of your safety – don’t put these in your home.

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