How differently do criminals think? Let’s find out…

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Are criminals just like everyday folk? The same worries and concerns, just with a not-legal source of income unlike the rest of us. Or are they different somehow.


Dave Spaulding wrote a nice article about criminals over at his blog. His point was that criminals don’t think like you do. You go through your day thinking about work, home, family, shopping.


Bad Guys go through their day thinking about home. If that dude there would be easy to rob. How badly they need to rob someone. Their favourite TV series. If that guy there would require just a threat or to actually cut him a little bit.


I thought some more examples of this thinking were appropriate.


You go through your day with your worries and concerns keeping your mind occupied. Criminals have different concerns to you. Here’s a cheerful chap talking about persuading people to part with their money. He mentions cutting part of your wife’s throat and threatening to finish the job as well as stuffing your baby in an oven and asking again where the money is.



Here’s another delightful guy (also South African) who thinks it’s a good idea to rape children and kill people. Heck, even tries to encourage his friends to do it too.


Read the newspaper article.


So in the event of a home invasion, a hijacking with your family in the car, a mugger trying to separate you from your girlfriend, just remember – they don’t think like you.

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