Hijacked car and baby stolen

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And this is why we have lines in the sand before we need them.


A woman had her car stolen while with her 8 year old and her 1 month old. And when they took the car the 2 guys also took her baby. For those of you who are religious – this is a good time to pray. It’s the only option left.


If anybody around Durban in South Africa sees 2 guys and a baby and it looks wrong (baby uncomfortable with the guys; guys don’t look like they know how to hold/treat the baby; guy(s) with a baby in shitty part of a township – mostly it’s women in townships that carry babies, not the men) then don’t keep it to yourself.


We decide what we will and will not accept happening to us and our families and enforce those decisions with whatever force we have decided is appropriate. An unarmed man has 3 options – run away, the criminal’s mercy, and God’s grace.

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