Everybody carries a knife

Here are 2 dudes in Jamaca. Dressed for the beach. But they have knives on them.   In a social setting: Before something gets escalated to the physical, remember that the other guy might have a knife.   Not many Read More …

2 simple tricks to improve child safety (Child in trouble tactics – parenting and children part 3)

If the thought of your child running into an abductor or molester scares the shit out of you, then please read this article, because there’s this simple trick to improve the safety of a child who’s in trouble. Stupid simple, Read More …

Make sure you don’t have these security features in your home

These burglar bars are popular for 1 reason. They are stylish. Unfortunately that stylishness can drop you in trouble pretty darn fast because there’s one thing these burglar bars aren’t – safe.

Tactics for college girls – Anti date rape drug tips

This is one of those things every chick going to college should know about. Actually high school girls too (what high school girl doesn’t go to parties?).

Tactics for lost children (and their parents)

I have kids. And I go to busy malls at Christmas just like the rest of us. What should I do if my kid gets separated from me? What should my kid do?

Do women need different self defense advice to men?

There are things that women deal with that men don’t. So unfortunately some of the best self-defence advice you can give a guy doesn’t work for women. At least not straight out the box. Fortunately sometimes tweaking a solution can Read More …