What are your lines in the sand?

Will you let a home invader tie you & your wife up? Would you let a carjacker pull you out the car while your kids are in the back? Will you let a couple muggers separate you from your girlfriend?

I fell for a home invasion trick

The guy at my door could’ve walked in so easily. He could’ve been inside and hurt my kids so quick.

A college girl’s second weapon should be …

Women’s self defense needs are different from guys. So to help a girl out, we’re simplifying girls’ self defense needs. What’s the bare minimum of self defense weapons that a girl needs? What are they and why? And are they Read More …

Hand to hand, knife vs knife, is bullshit

This Southnarc article is too true to resist reposting. It’s about the myth of proportional armament. I’ll add to it and include the myth of proportional initiative.

Lessons for gun owners: Cop threatens with his pistol – gets beaten unconscious

Never threaten with your weapon – you’ll either have to use it, or it’ll get taken away from you and used against you. – Rory Miller   Watch the video of a cop threatening a crowd of people. And the Read More …

Should you carry a tactical flashlight for self defense?

The tactical flashlight has a lot going for it. It also has a lot going against it. Make sure you know the good and the bad before you use one in self defense.

Pay attention everywhere is bullshit – hijacking edition

You do NOT have to pay attention everywhere you go. Watching out for crime is important, and a smart thing to do, but crime is mostly limited to specific places. If you’re not in those areas, you get to chill out.

4 levels to winning a self defense encounter

There are 2 things people often get wrong about self defense. Firstly, that you “just” stop the attacker. Secondly, that after you’ve stopped the Bad Guy, all is well again and you ride off into the sunset. Sorry, there are Read More …

Situational awareness and body language practice – group dynamics

“Be aware”; “Be alert”; “Pay attention”. Everybody tells you this, but none of them tell you how to do it. Or even what to look for. So this weekend you’re going to get some body language training. You’re going to Read More …

3 ways lock picking can save your life (and all you need is paperclips)

So your work building has caught fire, and all the exit doors have raging fires in the way. The only escape is through a door that’s locked – and no one has a key. What are your options?