This is why you’re still unhappy. And how to get happy (+ a free bonus tip on how to actually stick with your diet).

This is how to take control of you own happiness. The principles that you can apply any time, any place.

Do police need to be heavily armed? Here’s what nobody else will tell you – the truth you haven’t heard

Modern day police look like Stormtroopers – rifles, armour, super-ninja-cool thigh holsters. They look like they just walked off a patrol in Aleppo. There’s this debate between “cops should look like the army” and “cops should look like community service Read More …

The police are not there to protect you – don’t go to stupid places …

Here’s a nice (bad?) news story –  some teenagers got beat up by a group of people outside a petrol station (gas station). Someone called the cops. Cops arrived. Cops watched. Beating continued.

The 3 behaviours that make a Bad Guy stand out

Bad Guys give themselves away. This is what helps us spot them. No need to read minds or be clairvoyant – the BG’s will tell you who they are. And most importantly, they do this BEFORE they attack you.

Home invasion – The 4 D’s of home defense

This kind of thing freaks me out. This kind of stuff will keep me awake at night if I let it. If you train, then watch this home invasion scene just before you train – you’ll lift heavier, you’ll sprint Read More …