4 levels to winning a self defense encounter

There are 2 things people often get wrong about self defense. Firstly, that you “just” stop the attacker. Secondly, that after you’ve stopped the Bad Guy, all is well again and you ride off into the sunset. Sorry, there are Read More …

How to spot a pedophile (quick tips) – parenting and children part 4

Regrets suck. Regrets about your child suck more than anything else. How can you spot a paedophile before it’s too late? What are the signs?

Situational awareness and body language practice – group dynamics

“Be aware”; “Be alert”; “Pay attention”. Everybody tells you this, but none of them tell you how to do it. Or even what to look for. So this weekend you’re going to get some body language training. You’re going to Read More …

Predict the future? Inertia – a conceptual filter for viewing and predicting world events

Nothing changes without a reason. Common sense, I know. Feels stupid to write something that obvious. But the thing is we don’t apply it. Let’s consider applying it to world events to predict the future.

27 muggings in 12 minutes – the speed dating of crime

Want to get a feel for blitzkrieg muggings? Watch this video.

A curriculum for women’s self defense

If I had 3 minutes to tell a women as much useful safety stuff as possible, what would it be? This article is the result of that thought. I call it the 3 minute women’s self defense curriculum.

This is why you’re still unhappy. And how to get happy (+ a free bonus tip on how to actually stick with your diet).

This is how to take control of you own happiness. The principles that you can apply any time, any place.

The 3 behaviours that make a Bad Guy stand out

Bad Guys give themselves away. This is what helps us spot them. No need to read minds or be clairvoyant – the BG’s will tell you who they are. And most importantly, they do this BEFORE they attack you.