WikiHow’s ‘How to Identify a Pedophile” is a rare thing – useful

Here’s a “How to spot a paedophile” article that isn’t stupid, and is actually useful.

Hijackings and lines in the sand – what are yours?

A friend of mine was talking to me about my “lessons about hijacking” article. He explained his “line in the sand” like this:   A lot of my lines in the sand are situation dependent (which is appropriate). I have a Read More …

Stranger Danger is bullshit and dangerous for your kids – want to know why? Self-defense and parenting Part 1

  Stranger Danger, everyone from your mom to Barney the dinosaur warns kids around the globe, watch out for strangers! One of the things everybody tends to forget it that the idea you want to convey isn’t always the message Read More …

Should women carry guns?

There’s a short version and a long version of this answer. The short version is: Yes. The long version is a much more compelling story.

Social boundaries and self defense – 3 things to teach your kids

Social boundaries are very important to our everyday lives. They’re what stops somebody farting in front of his co-workers. They’re what keeps Bad Guys from stealing your handbag. Oh, wait, I got that wrong. That’s right – I got it Read More …