How I do deescalate violence? Well, what type of violence is it?

If you want to deescalate violence, you need to know what type you’re facing. There are 2 categories of violence, social violence and asocial violence. If you want to deescalate violence you have to know which type it is. What Read More …

The politically incorrect guide to end BULLYING (that your mom will disapprove of)

TRIGGER WARNING! Please don’t read this if you eat chicken but don’t like to think about a chicken having to die for your supper – the rest of this article will make you profoundly uncomfortable.   This article is a Read More …

The friend zone and self defence

If you are easily offended by generalisations and stereotyping – stop reading now and go back to your safe space, the rest of us will continue generalising however much needed to keep ourselves safe.

Rape Avoidance Prevention and Escape – Stranger rape considerations

This post is to help you not get raped, help keep you out of jail and help you not kill a friend or family member.