Street Safety Self Defense class

Low key, low tech, stupid-proof safety.

  • Are you a college student on your own?
  • A soccer mom who has to protect her kids?
  • A husband and father who needs to be able to spot trouble before it arrives?

The Street Safety class covers street crimes committed by strangers. Worried about rapists while you’re out jogging? Scared of being mugged while you’re out doing your shopping? The Street Safety class gives a very thorough understanding of how to keep yourself safe.

Core prevention topics include

  • Criminal assault paradigm
  • What violent criminals look for when choosing a victim
  • 5 stages of violent crime
  • How to identify violent criminals before the crime
  • Disengaging from a criminal

 Core physical violence topics run you through:

  • Legal considerations of self defense
  • Building blocks of violence
  • Knowledge of weapons and targets of the body
  • Weapon options; strengths and weaknesses of each; what fits best with your lifestyle
  • Drills to jump-start your ability to use violence for your safety

Prevention and violence topics are paired to give a better understanding of how they integrate. A big focus is on keeping information in context.

The violence topics are fun and enjoyable, but they have a serious focus. Different levels of force, up to and including killing, are covered. Hands-on weapons use is also integrated.


How long is it?

Customizable – minimum 1 day / 8 hours

What to bring:

Water, snacks, paper & pen. Chairs, hats & sunscreen are venue dependent.

What to wear:

Clothes you go shopping in, that you don’t mind getting damaged. (Except if you wear a bathrobe to the shops. No bathrobes.)

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