How I do deescalate violence? Well, what type of violence is it?

If you want to deescalate violence, you need to know what type you’re facing. There are 2 categories of violence, social violence and asocial violence. If you want to deescalate violence you have to know which type it is. What Read More …

How to spot a pedophile (quick tips) – parenting and children part 4

Regrets suck. Regrets about your child suck more than anything else. How can you spot a paedophile before it’s too late? What are the signs?

Situational awareness and body language practice – group dynamics

“Be aware”; “Be alert”; “Pay attention”. Everybody tells you this, but none of them tell you how to do it. Or even what to look for. So this weekend you’re going to get some body language training. You’re going to Read More …

3 ways lock picking can save your life (and all you need is paperclips)

So your work building has caught fire, and all the exit doors have raging fires in the way. The only escape is through a door that’s locked – and no one has a key. What are your options?

The importance of footwork – an illustrated guide

  The following footwork and movement drills are worthwhile, but you need to include being able to get your entire body off the line of attack. A great place to start is to give an 8 year a wooden stick Read More …

North Korea is bullshit – the global bar fight you don’t understand (yet)

North Korea is a bar fight, just on a global scale. We all know how a bar fight “works”. One dude thinks the other dude is eyeing him sideways, and he feels challenged. So he has to “stand up for Read More …

It takes a village is bullshit – you’re wrong Hillary Clinton

“It take a village.” Screw you Hillary Clinton, it takes parents who have their shit together.

How to tell if you should carry a knife

A knife is a great “weapon”*. It’s a fantastic equaliser, which is basically what a weapon is there to do – even the playing fields (and stack things in your favour). And everyone knows how to use them.   So Read More …

Remember, the cops will protect you

WATCH: Evidence that female British police officers so terrified of being called racist that they don’t arrest men sexually assaulting them. — MBGA News (@MBGANews) August 31, 2017

Can you handle the truth?

Oh my, I can’t believe I’d forgotten about this little gem! I have yet to come across anything so jam-packed with rock-solid advice, tips you just don’t find very often and all-round important shit that everybody needs to read. “Lies Read More …