Can you save your own life? First aid edition

Protests are on the rise where I live. It seems to be getting worse (and no, I don’t think it’s just increased media coverage). Grazes, cut and scrapes don’t worry me too much, but gunshot and stab wounds do.

“She was asking for it” – where did it come from?

There’s something you’ll notice if you look for it – people mix up causation and correlation all the frickin time.   A look at stereotypes What’s the profile of a girl who dresses excessively sexily (i.e. someone who crosses the Read More …

This is how you become more safe

The are 2 things everybody wants from the world. Good Guy, Bad Guy, doesn’t matter, everybody wants these 2 things:

2 simple tricks to improve child safety (Child in trouble tactics – parenting and children part 3)

If the thought of your child running into an abductor or molester scares the shit out of you, then please read this article, because there’s this simple trick to improve the safety of a child who’s in trouble. Stupid simple, Read More …

Tactics for college girls – Anti date rape drug tips

This is one of those things every chick going to college should know about. Actually high school girls too (what high school girl doesn’t go to parties?).

A curriculum for women’s self defense

If I had 3 minutes to tell a women as much useful safety stuff as possible, what would it be? This article is the result of that thought. I call it the 3 minute women’s self defense curriculum.

The best article on avoiding rape?

If you are female, then you need to read Marc MacYoung’s article on Rape Avoidance. This is not a complete how-to guide, but it is the single best article in existence when it comes to avoiding rape.