Criminals use magic

Here’s the deal, multitasking doesn’t exist, human beings cannot do it. Not even women. And criminals can exploit this.

The Art of the Hero – doctrine

“For most of human history, the art of the hero wasn’t left up to chance; it was a multidisciplinary endeavor devoted to optimal nutrition, physical self-mastery, and mental conditioning. The hero’s skills were studied, practiced, and perfected, then passed along Read More …

Hand to hand, knife vs knife, is bullshit

This Southnarc article is too true to resist reposting. It’s about the myth of proportional armament. I’ll add to it and include the myth of proportional initiative.

Should you carry a tactical flashlight for self defense?

The tactical flashlight has a lot going for it. It also has a lot going against it. Make sure you know the good and the bad before you use one in self defense.

Predator training – training for the Dark Triad Man

You need predator training. I know this for 2 reasons. First, you are the result of several thousand years of only the strongest, smartest, sneakiest, toughest, most successful hunters living long enough to have kids. Secondly, because you’ve forgotten this Read More …

How I do deescalate violence? Well, what type of violence is it?

If you want to deescalate violence, you need to know what type you’re facing. There are 2 categories of violence, social violence and asocial violence. If you want to deescalate violence you have to know which type it is. What Read More …

3 ways lock picking can save your life (and all you need is paperclips)

So your work building has caught fire, and all the exit doors have raging fires in the way. The only escape is through a door that’s locked – and no one has a key. What are your options?

The importance of footwork – an illustrated guide

  The following footwork and movement drills are worthwhile, but you need to include being able to get your entire body off the line of attack. A great place to start is to give an 8 year a wooden stick Read More …

Predict the future? Inertia – a conceptual filter for viewing and predicting world events

Nothing changes without a reason. Common sense, I know. Feels stupid to write something that obvious. But the thing is we don’t apply it. Let’s consider applying it to world events to predict the future.