Make sure you don’t have these security features in your home

These burglar bars are popular for 1 reason. They are stylish. Unfortunately that stylishness can drop you in trouble pretty darn fast because there’s one thing these burglar bars aren’t – safe.

Ending the abuse of women at the hands of men is a “straightforward” affair. There are 2 steps.

Sometimes something is effective, but unpopular. Like giving kids cough medicine. Or giving up chocolate to help lose fat. This one will be unpopular with Social Justice Cupcakes because they will be offended by it. But if they were offended Read More …

Stealing babies – Stoney Brook University and Sarah Lawrence College professors want to steal your child

2 professor (actual professors, with degrees, at a real university, with real life students to influence) have decided that the best way to make the world more compassionate, is to steal your baby from you at birth and randomly swap Read More …

Why I am the ultimate decision maker in my family

I am a husband and a father. I make the final decisions in my family. Want to know why (it’s not all that pretty)?

Home invasion – The 4 D’s of home defense

This kind of thing freaks me out. This kind of stuff will keep me awake at night if I let it. If you train, then watch this home invasion scene just before you train – you’ll lift heavier, you’ll sprint Read More …