Do not be prey

There is a grim word for an incompetent man, out there in the billowing shadows. It is “prey”. Do not be prey. You will not survive it.   – Ivan Throne (The Nine Laws)

What are your lines in the sand?

Will you let a home invader tie you & your wife up? Would you let a carjacker pull you out the car while your kids are in the back? Will you let a couple muggers separate you from your girlfriend?

I fell for a home invasion trick

The guy at my door could’ve walked in so easily. He could’ve been inside and hurt my kids so quick.

Should you carry a tactical flashlight for self defense?

The tactical flashlight has a lot going for it. It also has a lot going against it. Make sure you know the good and the bad before you use one in self defense.

3 ways lock picking can save your life (and all you need is paperclips)

So your work building has caught fire, and all the exit doors have raging fires in the way. The only escape is through a door that’s locked – and no one has a key. What are your options?

There is no safety

There is no such thing as safety. It is an illusion. You may be safe at any given time, or you may not. But safety, as a concept, doesn’t exist. A video everyone should watch to remind them there’s no Read More …

Can you save your own life? First aid edition

Protests are on the rise where I live. It seems to be getting worse (and no, I don’t think it’s just increased media coverage). Grazes, cut and scrapes don’t worry me too much, but gunshot and stab wounds do.