What are your lines in the sand?

Will you let a home invader tie you & your wife up? Would you let a carjacker pull you out the car while your kids are in the back? Will you let a couple muggers separate you from your girlfriend?

Self defense training for kids in 3 steps? – children and parenting 6

I have a daughter and I want her to be able to defend herself when she grows up. How do I do that? I know nobody’s going to answer that for me, so I’ve decided to try figure it out Read More …

How to spot a pedophile (longer guide) – parenting and children part 5

How exactly do you spot a pedophile in your child’s life? While there are no easy answers, there are some patterns and signs we can watch for.

How to spot a pedophile (quick tips) – parenting and children part 4

Regrets suck. Regrets about your child suck more than anything else. How can you spot a paedophile before it’s too late? What are the signs?

It takes a village is bullshit – you’re wrong Hillary Clinton

“It take a village.” Screw you Hillary Clinton, it takes parents who have their shit together.

How to tell if you should carry a knife

A knife is a great “weapon”*. It’s a fantastic equaliser, which is basically what a weapon is there to do – even the playing fields (and stack things in your favour). And everyone knows how to use them.   So Read More …

Can you handle the truth?

Oh my, I can’t believe I’d forgotten about this little gem! I have yet to come across anything so jam-packed with rock-solid advice, tips you just don’t find very often and all-round important shit that everybody needs to read. “Lies Read More …

There is no safety

There is no such thing as safety. It is an illusion. You may be safe at any given time, or you may not. But safety, as a concept, doesn’t exist. A video everyone should watch to remind them there’s no Read More …