Self defense when SJW’s carry baseball bats – 3 tactics for the Alt-Right

So the Social Justice Cupcakes fancy themselves Social Justice Warriors these days, and they’ve started carrying baseball bats around campus. So here are some thoughts on self defense against baseball bats.

The 3 roots of anger (this REALLY explains SJWs)

There are 3 reasons why someone gets angry, and knowing them can help you understand yourself, and the people around you, a bit better. And in a bad situation, just might save your hide.

This is how you become more safe

The are 2 things everybody wants from the world. Good Guy, Bad Guy, doesn’t matter, everybody wants these 2 things:

Being a gentleman is bullshit – the other side of the coin

The world at large has had the wool pulled over its eyes. It’s been spun a yarn. Sold a bill of goods. And what’s worse – it’s harming boys and girls, marriages and parenting.