27 muggings in 12 minutes – the speed dating of crime

Want to get a feel for blitzkrieg muggings? Watch this video.

Are collapsible batons worth it?

Short answer? Maybe for some people. Are you one of them?   Collapsable batons are flashy (in that matte black way). They’re sexy-lite and there are all kinds of cool looking things you can do with them. But there’s a Read More …

Common sense driving skills for safety

The saddest part about the internet is how hard it is to find good advice through all the noise. ITS Tactical has some good old common sense advice on driving skills for the civilian interested in safety.

There is no safety

There is no such thing as safety. It is an illusion. You may be safe at any given time, or you may not. But safety, as a concept, doesn’t exist. A video everyone should watch to remind them there’s no Read More …

Can you save your own life? First aid edition

Protests are on the rise where I live. It seems to be getting worse (and no, I don’t think it’s just increased media coverage). Grazes, cut and scrapes don’t worry me too much, but gunshot and stab wounds do.

“She was asking for it” – where did it come from?

There’s something you’ll notice if you look for it – people mix up causation and correlation all the frickin time.   A look at stereotypes What’s the profile of a girl who dresses excessively sexily (i.e. someone who crosses the Read More …