The animal in the header is a Tasmanian Devil. A cute and cuddly animal that will cheerfully rip your throat out if provoked.


I don’t know much about much. I know a little about a little.


I have no black belts. I don’t train as often as I should. I’m not aware enough. I’m not skilled enough.


But I believe in progress over perfection. In systems over goals.


My system is to try be better.


So every day I try improve. I train when I can. And then I try to squeeze in a bit more. I lift what I can. And then I try add another plate.


I’ve (mostly) managed to stop calling myself names when I catch myself not paying attention in Fringe Areas. Now when I catch myself in Condition White I take a breath, forgive myself, and start running through whatever is top of my things-to-look-for checklist that day.


One of my few talents is to be able to understand what others are saying and what they mean. And then explain it to others.


So this blog is a combination of me learning from others (’cause I won’t live long enough to make all the mistakes myself) and passing it on to readers, and my personal experiences with taking responsibility for my life (and my safety in the process).