High heels? Almost always “no”

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I have no problem with high heels – for the right occasion.

Which basically boils down to anytime you can pretty much guarantee that you won’t go near any fringe areas.

If you think you might need to leave the prince’s ball and nip past the shop, then high heels are not the footwear for right then.

Patented PreDefence ponderings on people-carriers (shoes)

Why am I against high heels almost 100% of the time?

Simple, my thoughts on shoes (superseding fashion and style) begin and end with this:

Don’t wear anything you can’t run away in.

Why? Because you never know when you may have to outrun a Bad Guy.

Need smart shoes for work? Need casual shoes for the pub? Need shoes in your team’s colours for the game Saturday? Wear anything you like, just so long as you can run in them.

Gee, I wonder what made me think about this?


Not to profit from some poor lady’s death – but other women should read THIS to help them avoid a similar fate.

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