Know Thyself – part 4

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Personalities and character traits tend to group together. You’ll find angry spiteful people. And you’ll find happy optimistic people. But rarely will you find happy spiteful people.

This helps us. If you can spot one or two of your personality traits, then you can extrapolate and guess at the others (fairly accurately). This lets us find out more about ourselves.

Either we’ll discover something new, or we’ll be forced to confront something we usually try to keep hidden from ourselves. Or you won’t discover anything new because you already know everything.[1]

Sociosexual hierarchy

There are a couple different frameworks that show you which personality traits tend to gravitate to together. The one for today is the sociosexual hierarchy. The whole Alpha/Beta thing.

But it goes beyond “Am I an alpha or a beta?” there are more levels.

Alpha, Beta, Delta, Omega, Sigma.

Some people (cough, Heartiste, cough) apply this framework in a purely sexual send.

Others, like Vox Day, use it to anticipate people’s behaviour. If you know the dude’s an Omega, then you can fairly accurately know how he’s going to act if someone gets drunk and boisterous near them. Or if a hot chick walks in the room. For that matter you can know how the woman will react to the Omega too.

While you can use this to anticipate other people’s actions, you can use this to anticipate your own. The sociosexual hierarchy framework will give you insight into your own character. Your strengths. Your weaknesses.

And that gives you a decent handle on knowing yourself. And how to improve.

For example, an alpha needs to know he’s likely to take charge, even if it means taking it from someone. This means stepping on toes (which alpha’s don’t mind). But when it’s your boss, or a large and pissed off biker at his bar, then alphas should know they may land themselves in shit now and then (or regularly).

Another example. I’m-smarter-than-you-but-I’ll-never-put-my-money-where-my-mouth-is gammas should probably figure out that they repulse women. But part of being a gamma is avoidance of anything not supporting their delusions of grandeur. This avoidance often involves self delusion to avoid facing the truth. So they concoct mental stories about why they don’t have the women of their dreams.

So knowing what you are gives you a starting point of finding out what’s broken in your personality, and where to start fixing it.

Where are you on the hierarchy?

So what are you? We have three ways for you to check. Actually there are probably tons of ways, but today I’m just including three.

First, you can take the (quite limited, 10 question, self-reporting) test – here.

Second, you can read the sex life version of the hierarchy and try see where you fit in – here.

Third, you can watch the video guide:

Just bear in mind, like just about everything in life, this is a continuum. There no real dividing line between the alpha/beta/delta… groupings. They tend to blur into each other.

And, the way I understand it, these characteristics can be somewhat situational. You can be a delta is some areas of your life, but alpha/sigma in others.

Take Jeff Bezos. Alpha dude in business and money matters. Omega when it comes to women.

Parting word

If you are a gamma – for all our sake’s, read Graduating Gamma.

Until the unconscious becomes conscious, it will control your life and you will call it destiny. – Carl Jung

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. – Sun Tzu

[1] – When I was 14 I thought my dad was the stupidest man in the world. But when I turned 21 I was impressed by how much he learned in 7 years. – Mark Twain (like everything else)

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