What to do with a pre-emptive hit?

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Here’s a short Southnarc video on pre-emptive hits.

Unfortunately he only touches the surface of pre-emptive hits in this video, but doesn’t get to go any deeper into the topic. So while he won’t break down how to tell you should hit someone first, there is a 30 second slot where he covers something very worthwhile.

And that is what to do after hitting someone pre-emptively.

He doesn’t mention it in the video, but this is directly related to your goal at that moment.

The options he gives in the video:

  • Hit first as a setup/distraction to hit him harder
  • Hit first as a distraction to draw a weapon
  • Hit first as a distraction to run away

So what’s the value of this video? Mental prep and training ideas.

Mentally you need to know when and why you’d hit first, you need to know how to do it, and you need to know your goals so you know what to do after hitting him.

For training, now you have three different things to practice: When you hit your training partner/bag, continue hitting him until you can escape; Hit your training partner and then draw your weapon; Hit your partner and run away.

Aside: It’s not Southnarc’s fault for this being a less-in-depth video. It seems to be for a TV show for armchair warriors to get their dopamine fix and feel like they’ve accomplished something without having to take any action.

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