Almost good home security advice from the MSM …

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This is what you get when you have a couple good ideas, but no concept of how they fit together. In other words, you don’t understand the principles behind what you’re doing.

Mainstream media’s home security advice

Most of the tips are solid. A room where you can gather all the family. An extra phone (charged up and everything) in the room. Inside dogs.

All good stuff.

I don’t have a problem with what they said. It’s what they didn’t say that causes a problem.

My biggest complaint (OK, my second biggest) is the so-called “safe room”. They make it seem like the intruders have broken down your front door, or ripped out your burglar bars, but if you just hide inside a bathroom (with its much flimsier internal door), then you’ll be fine. As if some magic makes them unable to kick in a second door that night.

They’re missing the point. The purpose of a “safe room” is to gather family into one spot, so you can be confident that anybody outside that room is fair game. You don’t have to worry about shooting your kid, because your kid is safely stashed away behind you.

The second purpose of a “safe room”, is that you pick the room which gives you the clearest fields of fire. If your bedroom door faces a big window (which faces your neighbours), then you have to be careful if you shoot out the room at the BG’s. If, however, you have a room that has a door facing a brick wall, then when you shoot at the machete-wielding-BG’s coming through the door, you know you have a safe backstop.

And finally, my biggest bitch about mainstream security advice …

It’s purely defensive. I know the media has an allergy (and specific instructions) to censor uncomfortable truths from their readership, but I don’t.

How in the good-for-nothing-ever-loving-sweaty-left-testicle can you write an article about how to deal with home invaders, with machetes, trying to hack you into small pieces, and only mention hiding away?

Behind a flimsy wooden door no less. What part of “machete” did they not fucking understand?

At what point does it become a moral requirement to tell someone BUY A FUCKING PISTOL AND LEARN HOW TO USE IT!

I’m happy the article mentions some of the 4 D’s. They mention some Deterrence, and some Detection. But no Deadly force. And most certainly not the Decisions you need to make.

I find it unconscionable to only tell people half the story (the half that avoids uncomfortable thoughts), and leave off the parts with the gravest consequences. You don’t show someone how to drive and leave off how to work the brake pedal.

What’s worse …

Is that they left off the most important part. the part that will get you killed if you gloss over it. For me, the mental game (the fourth D – Decision) is even more important (and controversial) than the third D – Deadly force. How many people own guns that haven’t even considered actually using them? Far too many people buy a gun, and think it’s a talisman that’ll keep BG’s away (like a cross does for vampires).

If you haven’t mentally and emotionally prepared, then don’t get a weapon. Plan on hiding away and hoping. Because you’re leaving your fate in the hands of a home invader who’s probably killed 7 people in previous break-ins.

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