Gotta love those Russians

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The Americans have a saying:

“Do or die.”

Usually said with much oompf (to be extra motivating). And because the Americans say this, Hollywood says this. And because Hollywood says this, the whole world says this.

But I have a problem with DOD (Do Or Die).

It gives you the option of not succeeding. It’s do¬†or die. You can chose to not get it done (just so long as you try really hard and maybe die in the process).

That’s fine for a game of football. It’s fine for trying to fix a broken lamp. You can always try win the next game. You can always go buy a new lamp.

But we talk about death on these pages. Preferably the BG’s death, but we remember that our death is always an option when it comes to violence (and stupidity).

Do Or Die doesn’t work when it’s a home invasion and dying means your wife and kids are left alone with the BG that just shot you.


The Russian difference

In Russia they have a saying too. A very Russian saying:

“Die, but do.”

Notice the difference.

The Americans consider success (and your death) optional.

The Russians consider your death irrelevant, but success is not negotiable.

Since I read the Russian version I’ve been thinking, trying to work out what places I give myself permission to fail, just so long as I feel I’ve tried “really hard”.

And what places have I made myself succeed, regardless of the cost.

I need to get more in the habit of thinking of success, and not considering the cost. Because the cost to me isn’t as important as succeeding in protecting my family.

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