What’s stopping this from happening to you?

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Life comes and goes easier than we like to think. So ask yourself why you’re still alive. Because for most of us, the answer is dumb luck. Most of us certainly haven’t taken active measures to stay alive.

Ask yourself the following question. Ask yourself in earnest, seeking an actual answer. Seeking an answer that will keep you and yours alive on the day that this comes for you. Ask yourself:

What must I do today (and tomorrow) to make this not me?

And then observe if you do what you need to do, or if you find an excuse to avoid doing it.

And if you find an excuse, don’t hide from it. Admit it and own it. That you’re taking the excuse so that you don’t have to put in the hard work of doing what you need to do.


There is no difference between you and the guy in this car. Embrace that fact. Let it truly penetrate your mind and disturb your peace.

It could be me. Might even be me one day.

Let it chill you to the bone. Let it terrify you into action.



Now watch it again. And see what you can learn about seeing the criminal before the shit happens.

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