“Knee him in the balls” is NOT the basis of fighting skills

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Just knee him in the nuts” is standard advice in the self defense world. Almost every man, woman, and child has heard that one at some point. The problem is it’s bullshit.


First off, you can’t hit him there

You won’t get him.
The shallow explanation goes something like this: Every man, in the whole world, has taken a shot to the nuts at some point. Contact sports, rough-housing, having kids, arsehole friends. All these things usually result in getting smacked in the nuts at least once in a man’s life.
And once is enough. Because there is no movement a man can make that is faster than his ability to flinch and protect his nuts. Anybody who tells you that you can just walk up to a guy and get in a shot to the nuts is lying to you. All those Hollywood movies where the chick just knees the guy? Bullshit.
If you don’t have the skills to distract him (fighting skills), then you’re not getting in that knee/kick/slap that you were told you “just” need to do.

“Fouls are not the basis for fighting skills”

You’ve got to give it to Southnarc, the man has a way of cutting through the decorations and distractions and getting right to the heart of the matter.


Knees to the nuts. Pokes to the eyes. Shots to the throat. Bites, tweaks and rips. Those are not what gives you fighting skills. Fighting skills give you fighting skills. Knowing what the “fouls” are in UFC doesn’t make you a fighter.
You want to poke him in the eyes? Great, do you have the skills to get in close and get through moving arms and bodies, and then hit a small moving target? All while not getting knocked unconscious?

They’re gifts

Lookit, I love me the fouls. I think they’re great. But having the cherry for the top of the cake doesn’t work if you don’t have the cake in the first place.
Or as Rory Miller puts it – they’re “gifts”. If a shot to the nuts presents itself in a fight – take it! But it’s got to be an opportunity that happens to present itself, you can’t force or manufacture it. And you also need the wherewithal and experience to be able to spot the opportunity when it happens.
Practising 1000 knees to the nuts (against a pad held in place by a cooperating partner) has little bearing to getting ambushed, being mentally and physically overwhelmed, and in the midst of all that noticing that the guy’s leg is a bit to the side, and your leg is in the right position to be able to knee him. All in the half second his leg happens to be like that before he moves again.
Once more, for all those people who have been led to believe that a knee to the nuts and a poke in the eye are all they need (mostly women):

P.S. Yes, you should watch the whole video.

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