Self defense against a doctor?

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There is evil in the world. Those who think evil doesn’t exist are willing fools. And moral relativists are the disposable pawns of the evil-doers.

But what’s evil got to do with it?

And why would I have to defend myself against a doctor?





So, how DO you defend yourself against a doctor?

Get a second opinion for anything that isn’t stupidly obvious.

If the doctor tells you take some aspirin? Cool, minor stuff.

If you’re coughing up huge amount of gooey green phlegm, and the doc says antibiotics? Probably a safe bet.

But in this culture war day and age, if a doctor recommends anything that you don’t already know the answer to … then spend a little bit more money and get a SECOND OPINION.

Inconvenient? Definitely.

Expensive? Probably.

Something you’ll regret doing? Not if it turns out to be the smart move.


How to tell who to trust (Why we worry about doctors, but not pilots)

A simple test to see if someone can be trusted, or if they need to earn that trust: Will they get hurt too?

If a pilot makes a mistake, he dies in the plane crash with you.

If a doctor makes a mistake, you’re the only one dying. Sure a relative might sue the doctor, but you’re still dead, and doctors have legal insurance so they don’t personally pay if they get sued.

Taleb calls it an asymmetry in risk, or skin in the game. That’s why second opinions are so important – doctors don’t have skin in your game.


For the “it doesn’t affect me” crowd

Not interested in the culture war? Tough shit. That’s like saying you’re not interested in getting mugged. The thing is … it’s not up to you. You don’t get to choose – the other guy does. Someone else who is interested in the culture war can easily turn you and yours into casualties.

When you’re driving you watch the other drivers just as much as yourself. Because you understand that someone else can fuck up your universe.

Putting your head in the sand just makes it easier to get kicked in the arse.


You may not be interested in (culture) war, but (culture) war is interested in you.

-Leon Trotsky

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