An almost abduction story – child safety principles (plus a new one for me)

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I’ve already ranted against Stranger DangerTM. And I’ve written a couple other articles on child safety. But recently I came across a great principle to train your kids on.


The beauty of principles

One of the things kids need to know is the different tactics that abductors and molesters use. The problem with trying to teach your kids all the possible ways that an abductor can get to them, is that the abductors can always come up with more tactics than you can possibly cover.

The answer is to teach principles whenever possible. A principle covers a range of tactics. That way a kid doesn’t have to try remember 37 different ways he might get moved away from his mom/playground. Or 29 different ways he can get suckered into “helping” somebody. Your kid just has to remember a couple principles instead.


Good principle

One of the more useful principles to make sure your kids know is this:

An adult doesn’t ask a kid for help.

If something has gone wrong, then an adult will ask another adult to help them.

If someone really has lost their puppy, they ask another adult to help them look.

If your friend is locked in a bathroom, you don’t ask a kid to help get them out. No normal adult would. So when an adult asks two young kids if they can help rescue a friend who’s stuck in a public bathroom, then this is a danger sign:

How the “Tricky People” Concept Saved My Boys


So far I’m enjoying her list of safety tips for kids. I’d recommend reading more of her stuff:


10 rules for kids

Prevention tips for adults

Red flags for spotting potential pedophiles


(If any of these that seem like normal behaviour to you, and you think this lady’s full of shit – you know what normal looks like. It’s that just beyond normal, that thing you find yourself dismissing out of hand, that you need to watch out for)






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