Mental attitude changes everything

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Rule of thumb – predators aren’t used to being attacked. Or should that be a “rule of life”?

A lion chases an antelope. The lion is absolutely not used to the antelope turning around and trying to kill the lion.

A home invader is absolutely not used to a father protecting his family by killing the home invader.


Case in point

Here we have the story of a family coming home to find a strange car in the driveway. Daddy dearest (a.k.a. Freddie) got out of his car to investigate***. A strange man then ran to the dad’s car and tried to drive it away (with the family inside). Daddy dearest then killed the man trying to steal his family. I bet the guy wasn’t prepared for Freddie to be armed and willing to act.

Next up, a second unknown man got into the strange car and tried to ram his way to safety, by ramming into the car with Freddie’s family, repeatedly. When that didn’t work, he got out the car and attacked old Freddie-boy. Freddie, deciding this is just not on, then shot this fellow as well. I bet the second attacker also wasn’t prepared to deal with prey that had grown teeth.


Mental attitude counts. A lot.

There’s a tangible different between submitting (while hoping for the best) and biding your time (while actively seeking an opening to launch an attack).




P.S.  I won’t comment about the fact that recreational rioters protesters turned up at Freddie’s house a couple days later and have threatened him and his family. (For those not from South Africa, they have done this because he killed 2 “upstanding members” of the community, who were stealing his stuff and attacking him and his family.)

I’ll leave this part with a Leon Trotsky paraphrase:

You may not be interested in identity politics, but identity politics is interested in you.


*** – For the record, my mental attitude is that of a spritely coward, so I almost never think “investigating” is a good idea. I would have (I hope) taken the family and left, while calling the cops/private security. Screw the stuff they steal. As long as I have my family safe and sound, then I’m not investigating shit. I’ve hidden in too many shadows watching people walk right past me, completely unaware of me standing so close to them. The ability for someone to ambush me and clock me with a baseball bat doesn’t appeal to me, so I prefer not to investigate.

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