Mental slap in the face – Everyone thinks they’ll be killed last

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Time for some harsh truth. You either haven’t thought of this. Or you don’t want to think of this. Ergo, we must think it through deeply.


Everyone thinks they’ll be killed last

Or put another way – you might die first.

How many gun guys have thought through, say, a bank robbery? BG’s storm in, wave some pistols, shout at everyone to get against the wall. Most gun guys have gone through the “do I shoot, or hold fire for now” debate in their minds. And I’m willing to bet that most gun guys have come to the decision that they’ll hold fire until they think the BG’s are going to start killing people.

But what if you’re the first one they kill. What if your first inkling they’re going to start killing is when they walk up and grab you and put a gun to your head? Is your El Presidente drill fast enough to kill all of them before anyone can merely pull a trigger?



Bullshitting ourselves

I think a lot of us bullshit ourselves about SHTF situations. Not on purpose mind you, but we do it nonetheless. Visualisation is an important tool. Thinking through different scenarios is an important tool. But I know for myself, most of my mental-scenario-training tends to involve some kind of slow escalation. The BG’s break into the house; then they smack me around; then they threaten me; then, then, then …

I magically always have time to mentally prepare myself and build up to the decision to go hands-on and attack. You know, to see if the BG is a nervous first-timer who’s going to do something stupid, or a seasoned professional who won’t use violence unless he has to. Some bullshit reason like that.

What if the BG gets into your house and the first you know of it is when you turn around and see a gun at your head, followed by a flash of light? Or if the bank robber walks in, walks up to you, and shoots you in the head to make a point. Maybe it’s a mall shooter who starts his killing with you.


This matters for 2 reasons

Number 1: Are you mentally, spiritually and physically ready to flip the switch? Don’t think of it as going from 0 – 100 really fast. Think of it as keeping the volume on full, but you leave the switch in the “off” position. Until you need it.

Do you have the physical ability (capability) to do this. To rock and roll without warning?

Do you have the mental ability (capacity) and emotional control to flip between “family man” routine and “shedding blood” mode at will? Which isn’t as easy as it sounds. How to be truly malevolent, but only on command. How to be malevolent and still snuggle your kids goodnight with love in your heart.


Your family?

Number 2: Is your family prepared to fight after you’re dead?

What if you don’t know there’s a home invader? What if the first you know about the BG is the bullet in your head? Or the knife in your neck?

Can your family handle the situation on their own and not die?

What if Brad Pitt got bitten by the zombies and then tried to kill his family with his new zombie BFF’s?


The switch

Do you have one?

Can you flip it

And can you size up a situation quickly enough to know you need to flip it, before someone shoots you in the face?

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