A tale of 2 home invasions – Update

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One home invasion leads to tragedy, the other leads to the BG’s running away. See if you can spot the lesson.


The first home invasion: 3 men broke into the house, threatened the 2 women (18 and 50 years old). Proceeded to kidnap the 13 year old and the 1 year old granddaughters.


The second home invasion: 4 men broke into the house, the 54 year old woman grabbed a kitchen knife to “defend herself”. House breakers ran away.


So, what lessons did you learn?



The 2 kidnapped kids have been found murdered.

Current line of thinking is that a sangoma was involved because the one kid was albino (and the only thing taken during the home invasion was the 2 children).

For those of you not from South Africa, a sangoma (“sun-gor-ma” (but silent “r”)) is a witch doctor or “traditional healer”. Mostly they’re associated with using human body parts to make “muti” (medicine). The persistent rumour is that the medicine is more effective if the body part is cut off a living person.

Just do a search for “sangoma body parts“.

Or see this delightful story.

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