Comfort = death

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An attitude of comfort-above-all-else leads to stagnation and extinction.

The mouse utopia experiments were carried out by creating a “perfect” environment for mice. No predators, no stress, abundant resources.

And what happened? Population explosion. Followed by extinction.

Some mice becoming sexually deviant. Other mice became cannibals. Mothers left their babies to die. Some mice spent all day grooming and not much else, not even breeding.

And then the colony of mice went extinct. Every single time. I think there were more than 25 colonies tried. All went extinct.


Lessons to learn

Comfort is pleasant. It’s like a warm bath. And all it does is drain your life away make you weaker.

Comfort itself is not a bad thing. But structuring your life to avoid discomfort and maximise comfort is going to suck your life away from you.

Going to the gym and getting strong and healthy does not involve being comfortable. Neither does changing your life for the better. Come to think of it, there are very few things that improve your life and make you comfortable at the same time.

Many people confuse “better life” with “having more comfort”. Yet how many people lie on their death beds and wish they’d gotten to sleep late and miss more sunrises?

Remember folks

Comfort kills. And discipline = freedom.


Mouse utopia experiments – read more

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