Another Sweden migrant gang rape – what can we learn

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Swedish woman gang raped by (up to) 20 migrants. Filmed on CCTV. All accused were acquitted because she had drugs in her system, was trying to buy more drugs.

Don’t go to stupid places with stupid people and do stupid things at stupid times of day.

I have no problem with someone wanting to take drugs, it’s their body to control, not mine. But keep in mind that drug dealers usually work in dangerous areas (a.k.a. stupid places). And if your drug dealer isn’t willing to rape you and cut you into small pieces, then his drug dealer most certainly is (a.k.a. stupid people).


Victim blaming? Nope, trying to learn from other people’s mistakes and calamities.


Sweden: Migrants Charged With “Ruthless” Gang Rape of Woman Walk Free

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