Predator training – training for the Dark Triad Man

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You need predator training. I know this for 2 reasons. First, you are the result of several thousand years of only the strongest, smartest, sneakiest, toughest, most successful hunters living long enough to have kids. Secondly, because you’ve forgotten this part of your history and you need to revive it if you desire safety in your life.


The purposes of this article are to:
  • Give you first hand experience that there is no safety but what you make
  • Connect you with your inner predator (you can’t beat it until you understand it)
  • Make it easier for you to spot a Threat before the crime


Today you’re going to attack someone

Imagine that your family is in danger (from criminals, or lack of food, or the local communist regime. Or maybe you just need to steal a car to get an injured family member to the hospital. So you need resources. So you need to become a Resource Predator.

Step 1: Decide what resource you’d need to go “steal” that would help you get your family through this. Some food? Some cash? A cell phone to sell or communicate with? A car to use to get far away?

Pick a day during the following week that you will be going somewhere populated and you can find this resource. The beach, the mall, a shop, a festival. Make a mental commitment to carry out your predator training when you go there.

Step 2: Read through the steps criminals use to make sure they pick a safe victim and get to go home safely after committing the crime. Read about this here.

Now you’re ready to go be a smart predator.

Step 3: Pick a location. Decide where would be best to attack someone to get this resource. You need to think about where people have this resource; where has few witnesses; where has escape routes. Now go position yourself where you can watch your attack position and your victim pool.

If you decided you need a car, it’s no good looking for victims on the beach. How do you know they have a car? Being in the car park is little better. You decide to hijack that guy who just walked in, but you’re near the wrong car. Better would be between the beach and the car park.

Step 4: Pick a victim. Distance Interview them (here’s how). Who can you surprise? Who isn’t looking around? Who can you overwhelm? Who has the easiest access to the resource you need?

You want to live long enough to use the resource you just stole. So you want an easy target. No confidence; no self-worth; no awareness; in their own private universe

Step 5 A: Stalk them. Follow them into the location you decided was the best place.
Step 5 B: Pick an ambush spot. If everyone has to take the same route to the beach/festival, then look for an ambush spot. Is there an unpopulated alley that branches off this common route? Is there a public bathroom along the route that you could shove a victim into?
Step 6: Position yourself. Get close to them. Use whichever technique will work best for you. But remember, surprise is usually safer (for you) than overwhelming them. If you can grab their phone/keys/groceries and push them away there’s less risk than having to overwhelm them into submission. But overwhelming them with intimidation is safer than having to beat them into submission. Fewer cops come looking for you afterwards too.

If you’re in an ambush position then find some way to hang around there (or nearby) without raising suspicion. Wait for a good victim to come to you.

Step 6: Once you get close you have 2 basic options.

First – distract them. If you get close to the woman you need food from and she spots you, ask her a question to cover the fact that you’ve taken those last 2 steps closer to her. Tell her your battery went dead, does she know what the time is? This is the preferred option for an ambush spot. If you can make them stop walking right in front of your ambush zone then it’s easier to get them inside. (Switch your phone off first.)

Second – Walk past close enough to reach out and snatch what you need.

Step 7: Do nothing.

Walk past without touching anything. If you used a question to distract the victim then say “thank you” and leave. This is predator training after all, not the real thing.

Don’t get spotted. Keep a deception handy (like “texting”). Don’t freak out the “victim”.

Your predator training objective?

Your objective is to get close enough to your victim that you could easily snatch the resource you need and then run. Your mission is accomplished once you get close enough.


After the “crime”

Step 8: Leave. You’re not an experienced criminal, so you’ll probably look like a nervous first timer. Don’t be surprised if an experienced security guard notices you and decides to talk to you or follow you around a bit. If you’ve already accomplished your goal of “getting” the resource you need, then leave the area. Don’t go back inside the mall and finish your shopping.

If the security guard stares at you and nudges his buddy and starts pointing at you before you’ve accomplished your mission, remember the bigger mission of going home safe every night. Call off the hunt for now and try again another time or another place.


What lessons will you learn from predator training?

Everybody will learn different lessons from this. Some people will notice how much they had to control their emotions. Some people might get squeamish and learn they have little capacity for this sort of thing. Others will learn what an ambush spot looks like and start avoiding them.

What I’m hoping for is that you realise that there’s nothing but your awareness and training between your family and a Threat. Whether this is a mugger or a home invader. If you look like prey then your family will be picked as a predator’s next meal.

Understand this down to your bones: Reality is what is left over when the power goes out. There is no safety but what you make in this life.

Secondly, as petty crimes are more common than serious crimes (i.e. you’re more likely to get mugged than murdered), I’m hoping this exercise will help you become more aware so you won’t be picked for a mugging.

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