4 levels to winning a self defense encounter

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There are 2 things people often get wrong about self defense. Firstly, that you “just” stop the attacker. Secondly, that after you’ve stopped the Bad Guy, all is well again and you ride off into the sunset. Sorry, there are 4 different levels you need to get right in order to “win” at self defense. 

Marc MacYoung is going to walk you through each of these 4 levels, and in the process drop all kinds of knowledge bombs and tidbits. Tidbits that could make all the difference. Tidbits other people will either charge you money to explain, or, more likely, just plain don’t know themselves.

If You Are Arrested for Self-defense – Marc MacYoung

1 – You must be able to act (This means the first level is you must over come the freeze and be able to function ‘well’ while adrenalized.)

2- You must be able to stop the attacker (Hopefully minimizing the damage you take in the process.)

3- You must be cleared of criminal charges. (Or better yet not arrested at all.)

4 – You must be cleared of civil charges. (Beat getting sued.)

In other words you need to be prepared for four different fights.

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