A pedophile in action

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A guy on Quora describes seeing a pedophile getting “handsy” with kids.


I witnessed a pedophile in action.


We kept foster kids for a while and one of the classes we had to attend taught us how to spot when a pedophile is “grooming” a kid and or his parents.

Shortly after the class we stopped at a church that had a festival going with quite a setup for any families who wanted to attend. Kind of a membership drive. It worked, we joined the church.

But as Im watching my daughter and her friend play on the big blow-up slide theres this guy from the church catching the kids at the bottom of the slide. Only the smallest ones needed catching but he was catching them all, and getting too handsy with my kids. They even looked at me the second time to let me know they didnt like it and the 3rd time I noticed they squirmed away from him before he could get to them. I thought maybe I was being to suspicious after taking that class until a little boy in a tight fitting spiderman costume slid down and as he walked away from the slide the man stared at his behind until he was out of site. It pissed me off. He looked around and smiled at me but his smile died when he saw how I was looking at him. He slunk away to the other side of the slide but when I told my wife about him and pointed right at him he walked away.

I found the pastor of the church and asked him if he realized he had a predatior in his church but before he could answer the man hurried over and started an obnoxious conversation even insulting the minister with a laugh as if it was a joke. The minister looked ashamed like he was afraid of this guy. So I told him we just joined this church and if I see you touch any more kids Ill kick your ass. I know what you are.

He was pretty shocked and hurried away without a word. I aplologized to the minister but he thanked me and said his family was fairly powerful in the church and he had been afraid to say anything. Ministers can be fired if you dont know and theres a lot of petty politics in churches.

So we attended the church for several years but the creepo stopped attending shortly after we started. Several parents thanked me privately.

I really would have beat his ass in church .

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