Can you handle the truth?

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Oh my, I can’t believe I’d forgotten about this little gem! I have yet to come across anything so jam-packed with rock-solid advice, tips you just don’t find very often and all-round important shit that everybody needs to read.

“Lies to bleed for” exposes a lot of pretty lies that people tell themselves and each other so they don’t have to confront the truth. Lies you tell your children so you feel better. Lies your parents told you so they’d feel better. But these lies have made many people bleed over the years, because they were believed.

This is how I imagine some people will react to this article:

Be warned:

  • If you’re a mother, you’ll read things you’ll want to hide from your children. You’ll want to protect them from the harsh truths.
  • If you’re an adult, you’ll probably find out things about yourself that you’d rather not admit to. You’ll want to protect yourself from the harsh truths.
  • If you’re a teenager, you’ll discover that it’s easier to avoid the harsh truths than to confront and learn from them.
  • Nobody wants to be shown where they’re being an asshole.
  • Nobody wants to be shown that sometimes all roads lead to pain, but that you have to volunteer for one of them because the default road is the worst. Mothers especially don’t want to think about that advice for their kids.


So run from this article lest you end up all biblical, with the wailing and the ripping of clothes and all that.

Read it now:

  Lies to bleed for

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