Urban E&E essentials – Defeating walls, wire and locks

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Self defense is more than fighting skills. It can involve a, shall we say, interesting mix of abilities. When you’re looking at Rule # 1 “I don’t care, I’m going home” then you start to realise there are a wide range of skills that could save your life.

But urban E&E? You betcha.

Urban E&E skills have many ways to help you make sure you get home every day.

  • Need to get out of a burning building, but the door’s locked?
  • There’s gunshots at the mall, but the shooter is between your family and the exit?
  • Got caught up in a riot and now some guys wearing hoodies are chasing you down?

Who doesn’t need to know how to get over, under, through or around obstacles?

Well fortunately for us all, Sua Sponte over at the Suarez Blog has an enlightening article that will help you build a foundation of urban E&E skills. From dealing with walls, wire fences, barbed wire, locks and more, go check it out: