Is your child being bullied? This is the ONLY way you can make the school help

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Are you sick of seeing your beautiful child come home from school in tears (and even bruises)?

Are you tired of having to convince your child that today will be different, that they’ll be fine today, when you know it’s probably a lie?

Are you pissed off that the only way your amazing kid will be happy is if the bully happens to be off sick?

Is your child being bullied at school? Do you want the school to do something about it? Here’s the ONLY way it will happen. Follow this advice exactly.


Gary North has written the definitive, the only guide to getting a school to protect your child. I’ve seen kids get bullied while I was at school myself. And what’s worse, I’ve seen them get bullied when I was a high school teacher. I’ve seen what happens when parents come to the school for help – nothing. Not a fucking thing. The name of the game is don’t rock the administrative boat. Sweep it under the rug. That’s the only game a school knows how to play.


If you want results, take Gary North’s advice. Treat his article as a step-by-step guide, a playbook. And once you’ve read his article go back and count how many times you have to let your child be targeted, harassed, and beaten before you get any results. This is the politically correct guide to stopping bullying – sacrifice your family for the sake of political correctness.

If you want it, here’s the politically incorrect guide.

North also includes a politically incorrect shortcut to protecting your child against bullies (including sexually deviant teachers) – homeschool.

Here’s Gary North’s article:


How I Would Deal With a School Bully

Gary North, Ph.D.


A lot of boys get bullied in public schools.

The bullying girls are worse, but they don’t often use fists. They use talk. It’s terrible, and it is harder to deal with.

If I were in school, and I was being bullied, I would ask my parents to let me homeschool myself. I believe that discretion is the better part of valor. Do not turn the other cheek when you can remove both cheeks from harm’s way.

I would rather have my parents pull me out of a miserable environment than force me to deal with a bully. I would rather mow lawns on Saturdays in my own little business and pay $500 a year to sign up for the Ron Paul Curriculum. Here, I would get a good education. I would teach myself, which is how this curriculum is designed. It would also be a safe education. No more bullies.

Most of all, I would avoid physical confrontation.

If my parents said, “Stand up to that bully,” I would. I would fight him on my terms, not his.

Teachers say they can’t control bullying. Administrators say the same, but they promise to form a committee to look into it. But the bullying never ends. If you doubt me, watch Back to the Future. It was released in 1985. It was about high school in 1955.

It’s about a bully named Biff, and how he gets his comeuppance.

I am going to show you I would deal with Biff.

The first step in my program of bully removal is to understand how public schools operate. First, follow the money. …



Here’s the video guide:

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